Friday, July 1

Embracer Group Acquires Perfect World, Shiver Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics Label

A little over a month ago we told you about the plans for Embracer Group, which owns THQ Nordic, Deep Silver, Saber Interactive, Koch Media and many other companies, to take over 35 more studios over the next year. Well, today the business group has confirmed the purchase of five new companies that it has distributed among its subsidiaries: the acquisition includes the stamp of comics Dark Horse, the Chinese developer Perfect World Entertainment, the German audiovisual company Spotfilm Networx, the animation studio DIGIC Holdings and the Shiver Entertainment studio.

Five new companies join the ranks of Embracer Group

Dark Horse, who entered the world of video games this year with its own division called ‘Dark Horse Games’, has franchises of the stature of Hellboy, Sin City, 300 The Umbrella Academy. What Embracer Group has bought is the entire company, not just the video game label, and it is going to transform it into another of its main production branches along with others such as Gearbox or Koch Media. The CEO will remain the same, Mike Richardson, and will focus their efforts on the transmedia, anticipating the creation of new comics, movies, series and, of course, video games.

The purchase of Perfect World Entertainment, responsible for games like Torchlight 3 The Remnant: From The Ashes, it has been carried out through The Gearbox Entertainment Company and has amounted to 125 million dollars that infuse the Embracer Group with a total of 237 new employees. The studio will continue to develop video games under the Gearbox umbrella, and in fact it has been confirmed that its next title will be released next year, in 2022, and that there are already five more launches prepared from then until 2024.

Another acquisition directly related to the world of videogames is that of Shiver Entertainment, a development studio that has worked on console versions of titles like Mortal Kombat 11 The Scribblenauts Showdown. Hereinafter become part of Saber Interactive, a company that the almost 20 veterans that make up this developer come to. His mission will remain the same, to create video games both alone and in collaborations with other studios, as well as to perform ports from projects to other platforms. According to the official press release, it is a way to expand Saber Interactive’s presence in the United States.

Finally, the acquisition of the Hungarian animation studio should also be noted. DIGIC Holdings, made up of around 400 people specialized in creating video game trailers, who also join the ranks of Saber Interactive, and Spotfilm Networx, a German video-on-demand channel that will be part of Koch Media.

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