Saturday, June 25

Edge of Eternity confirms physical edition on PlayStation • Console and Dashboard

Edge of Eternity It will have physical edition, compatible with PS4 and PS5. As confirmed in its presentation trailer, it will be available on February 10, 2022.


As Midgar Studio, Dear Villagers, and Meridiem Games point out, these physical editions will feature all updates from the PC version. Of course, also with current and future fixes. The content will be completed with a Japanese dub, which will also hit computers on February 10.

It is remembered how we will travel to a torn world, where the habitantes de Heryon they are embroiled in a war against a mysterious invader. Magic and technology will be present in the conflict, as well as epic battles. The mission? Find a cure for the corrosion that consumes the territory.

The result is a JRPG that was successfully funded in a funding search campaign on Kickstarter. Their fights have a great strategic depth, which allow us to use the environment at will. We will create our own team, from charismatic characters, that we will improve through crystals. We will unlock abilities and power-ups as we progress.

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