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Do you want to play Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster? You will have to wait more | Levelup

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Getting your hands on a good game is a big responsibility, but doing it with an all-time classic is a much bigger undertaking, and in an age where remasters have been badly off, Square Enix has made a very important decision regarding the version of Final Fantasy VI of the line Pixel Remaster.

You will have to wait longer to play Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster

A few moments ago, Square Enix reported through its official Twitter account that Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster, the most anticipated installment of this series of remasters, will not arrive in the remaining days of 2021, so its launch has been moved until February 2022. According to the Japanese company, this decision was made to polish the game of the best way and attend to some details that remain, this in order to offer the best experience for the players who await the return of one of the games considered among the best of all time.

Also, knowing that many of the players expected Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster And that they even bought the package with the remasters of the other deliveries, Square Enix reported that it will add new extras for those who purchased the game or the bundle. At the beginning, those who are in the aforementioned case will receive the following musical themes in a Timelapse version, that is, the one that combines the classic song with the new one:

  • Locke’s Theme
  • The Decisive Battle
  • Terra’s Theme
  • Searching for Friends
  • Middle Character Air

In the same way, those who bought Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster or the bundle will receive 2 additional wallpapers with art from this great classic.

Stay informed, in LEVEL UP.

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