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Apex Legends: Players Add Emojis to Their Names to Collapse Games | Levelup

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Apex Legends remains one of the most successful and popular Battle Royale on the market. However, it is not a hassle-free experience and the community has already made that clear. While balance issues, hackers and monetization continue, now players must also deal with a new enemy: emojis.

Like most multiplayer video games, Apex Legends allows users to create a nickname to use in games and interact with other players. Of course, there are some limitations when making a name. For example, it is impossible to add symbols and emojis. However, it seems that there are those who found a way to circumvent these restrictions to append these “illegal characters” to their usernames.

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At first glance, the above is not a big problem. However, and as reported by the youtuber The Gaming Merchant (via GameRant), those special characters have already managed to become a nightmare for the Respawn Entertainment competitive shooter community. Specifically, some players have already experienced game crashes, loss of points, and text blocking the field of view.

So you can get rid of names with emojis in Apex Legends

Luckily, there is a fairly simple way to get rid of these problems. As explained by the youtuber, the solution lies in activating the Streamer Mode, which prevents the names of other players from appearing in the feed.

To activate this mode it is only necessary to open the game options menu and select the “Gameplay” tab. Once there, look for the option “Streamer Mode” and activate it. In theory, this will prevent names that include any undesirable characters from appearing in the game. Still, we hope that Respawn Entertainment will address this situation and fix the root issue in the future.

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But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Have you already been one of the victims of the fearsome emojis? Let us read you in the comments.

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