Wednesday, May 25

Ancelotti: “Isco is a complicated subject”

Carlo Ancelotti has appeared at a press conference in the preview of the match against the Athletic, after his team’s home draw against him cdiz, to analyze the last game of the year. He understands that those who play the least, like Isco, are disappointed, but he believes that those who have played have earned it. Announces changes due to casualties, such as the presence of Camavinga and Valverde, confirm to Friends on eleven and hesitates with Hazard.

Ancelotti at a press conference

The end of the year and the casualties:

“A very difficult game, we are going to play in an environment that I like a lot. We have casualties but it could be an opportunity for us to show the quality of the squad.”

The rivals that close:

“I think it’s a matter of effectiveness. One of my first coaches said that the first thing with the ball is not to conceal goals but only with possession you don’t win. You have to look for more quality and skill but I don’t worry about this. They have quality. fifteen days against Athletic we saw a more vertical team and it will be a different game. “

Hazard, where it performs best:

“I have to see, he has played a whole game and we have to evaluate. Yesterday he was fine, with recovery work. Today he trains and we will see. It is clear that he is not a winger who plays on the outside, that he likes the left wing from behind It is true that he has never played on the line because Lucas was there, but it is true that he wants to play behind the forward and I want him to be comfortable. “

Test with casualties:

“It is true that there are downs in the middle and it is an opportunity for Camavinga, for example, someone that we have in mind for now and for the future. For Valverde as well. To change the system, I don’t know. It is a good question. This system has given a lot. It’s true that we don’t have a winger to the right and this would be the last reason to play 4-4-2 but I’m not sure. ”

Modric’s state and the uncertainty in Spain:

“” I think we need more clarity in this regard. It is true that Modric does not train because he is not well, even if it is negative, we have to hope that he is better. We have seven days of vacation that will come in handy. “

Vinicius and if he is tired:

“I don’t see any fatigue and he’s going to play tomorrow. He’s looking forward, he’s motivated and for us it’s very important for a game like tomorrow’s. We have to put in the same energy.”

Few penalties to Madrid:

“It seems strange to me, this is what happened. Let’s see if in 2022 we can have more luck.”

Sevilla- Bara:

“What I want is for it to be a good game, Bara is better and I want to see it to enjoy.”

What is possession for Ancelotti:

“It determines the rhythm and control of the game but nothing more. More possession you have more risks of fitting against, so it has to be a vertical possession.”

Hazard and his status:

“Now he is training well and I don’t think he will take risks tomorrow.”

Ceballos and if it is an alternative: “It’s fine, he has been out for a long time. I don’t think he will be on the list because he has been away for a long time, but he shows quality and desire to return. I will not risk anyone because there is weather”.

Isco’s case:

“It is a complicated issue, on a personal, technical level … The player has not had the opportunity to show what he has inside because the team without him has shown a lot. They have all been more affected: Isco, Nacho, Valverde, Camavinga , Marcelo …. This good run has affected them in the sense that they have not had minutes, but at a professional level we have not had a confrontation, I am not angry with him as has been said, they have accepted that the team has done well but They are training well and waiting for an opportunity. Now Isco cannot play tomorrow due to bad luck and this match could be important to him. “

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