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Amid console shortages, Microsoft used dev kits at a Halo Infinite tournament | Levelup

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Despite the fact that the new generation of consoles has been with us since November last year, finding available units remains a nightmare to this day. In the midst of this shortage, which seems to last many more months, even Microsoft itself had problems finding Xbox Series X consoles, which is why it was necessary to opt for another option to make a professional tournament of Halo Infinite.

As we told you, a few days ago the HCS Kickoff Major in Raleigh took place, the first major shooter tournament of 343 Industries. During the in-person event, which distributed $ 250,000 USD in prizes, great esports teams such as OpTic, G2, eUnited and Cloud9 gathered.

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However, Tahir Hasandjekic, e-sports leader at 343 Industries, cautioned that due to a shortage of consoles, some gamers would have to use Xbox Series X dev kits during the tournament.

In case you don’t know, dev kits are preliminary versions of a console that companies offer to developers so they can start creating games and become familiar with the new hardware. According to Tahir Hasandjekic, the dev kits used in the tournament were “functionally identical” to an Xbox Series X and their only real difference was their appearance.

The shortage of chips and consoles is far from over

This curious situation reveals once again how complicated it is to acquire a new generation console today. In fact, even one of Apple’s most important executives is having trouble buying an Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, it seems that this very bleak scenario will not change in the near future.

During a recent conference, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger commented that the global semiconductor shortage will continue until 2023, which means that the production of Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 will still experience problems and therefore it will be difficult to meet all the demand.

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Halo Infinite is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Follow this link to find more news related to him.

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