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22 games of 2022 – Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo is one of the most original AAA games to arrive in 2022, specifically in spring. The new work of Tango Gameworks, the creators of The Evil Within and its sequel, is a action adventure in the first person that will take us to a Tokyo full of contrasts. The studio of Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil, put aside the terror, but not the chilling setting: as exorcist ninjas we will face Yokai with our elemental powers.

Revenge in a supernatural Tokyo

  • Study: Tango Gameworks
  • Publishing company: Bethesda Softworks
  • Platforms: PS5, PC
  • Release date: Spring 2022

The argumentative premise of Ghostwire: Tokyo It is not exactly innovative, but knowing the previous works of the studio and having seen the trailers published so far, we would be surprised that there was not twisted turns of screw in a script that would be rare if it did not deal with relatively deep themes. In 2021, the 99% of Tokyo’s population has disappeared. The culprit is the occultist Hannya, who has deployed over the Japanese city spirits that have swept away everything.

His motivation is not clear, beyond the fact that he intends to shape a the new World. Our protagonist, whom we will manage in first person, does not agree to those plans, and will embark on a revenge mission to end all this. By allying himself with a spectral entity he becomes an exorcist ninja using a combination of krate and elemental magic to eliminate the Yokai.

Throughout this adventure of action we will know conventional and supernatural allies that will help us in our goal and offer us new missions. Tango Gameworks has not made it clear whether Tokyo is an open world, if you explore by levels or use a structure of several large areas as we have seen in Metro Exodus Y Halo Infinite, but it is said that there will side missions and that you can fly over the city to come up with new commissions and creatures to beat, which fits with the open world premise.

Ghosts, rain, neons and temples: an incredible aesthetic

What makes us wait with a crazy desire Ghoswire: Tokyo since his announcement at E3 2019 is, above all else, his aesthetics: photorealistic but with high doses of surrealism. The scene of the game will be a place of contrasts that take us from recognizable areas such as the Tokyo tower and Shibuya crossing full of neon to the dark and narrow alleys, passing by temples, skyscrapers, the depths of the Japanese city and dreamlike places, all with an environment where the rain and shadows contrast with artificial lighting and the magical effects of our powers and the Yokai.

The design of the enemies is incredible if you like Japanese terror. The Yokai are represented as modernized versions of folklore and urban legends of the country: we will have to face high school students beheaded that attack us with acrobatics, to faceless ghosts that repel our attacks with their umbrellas, to dolls based on the traditional amulets against the rain, to disturbing spirits with wedding dresses, and many other creatures who must have come out of a very twisted mind.

The relationship with DOOM: krate and elemental magic with colorful executions

Shinichiro Hara is responsible for setting the pace of combat and creating the executions system in the 2016 version of DOOM. He is also the combat director of Ghostwire: TokyoHence, any action fan should be excited by the title of Tango. Combat is based on traditional kaju-kiri hand gestures, mixing with elemental powers that will be based on mixing the spiritual energy with fire, water and wind.

As a kind of exorcist ninjas, you will have to perform magic to defeat the enemies, each of them more vulnerable or resistant to specific attackslearn how they move and which powers are most successful against them, as well as little by little we improve our elemental magic. As if it were the executions of DOOM, the combat is not based on lowering a life bar, but on getting the Yokai expose your core to execute them Melee or at a distance using spirit cables that, in addition, we can link between various enemies.

Chilling Yokai, a city as beautiful as it is dark, an innovative combat system on paper and a plot that promises to be wacky as soon as the history of Tango Gameworks is taken into account. Probably don’t be a game for everyone, but Ghostwire: Tokyo seems to check all the boxes of the horror fans, lo japons and the crazy action.

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