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This is the new Vac Hybrid robot vacuum cleaner, from Yeedi

The new robot vacuum cleaner of the firm Yeedi Vac Hybrid model integrates a motor with a suction capacity up to 2500Pa, a value that, although it is situated in the market average, is capable of offering the user a remarkable cleaning efficiency, on all types of floors, thanks to a double pass system that compensates its standard power compared to other products of the own brand and of the competition.

The system is completed with a side brush and a main brush, that facilitates optimal results on carpets and hard floors, eliminating dust and animal hair. This makes it suitable for apartments where there are pets.

Another value that emerges from its configuration is that it is silent, even when operating at maximum power. In everyday use it demonstrates its values ​​since review your work (double pass) for best result. Among the functions of the equipment it is necessary to mention that it vacuums and scrubs, since it is equipped with a 240 ml water tank. The scrubbing of floors is of good quality, especially when it has been used for a period of time and has removed accumulated grease.

Applied technology

Yeedi Vac Hybrid is equipped with anti-fall and carpet detection sensors. It integrates a battery that guarantees an autonomy of around 110 minutes, which is more than enough for cleaning spaces between 80-100 square meters.

This 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner has a good-performance vacuum system, thanks to the provision of several intelligent functions. The carpet detection sensor, for example, allows the recognition of carpets and other fabrics, to clean them easily and in the most suitable way.

Contributes software map creation and a floor sensor, to visualize the space in which you have to work, this system reliably guides the cleaning process. Without bumps or jolts, it works even in the dark along a neat and efficient route.

The house map created by Yeedi can be edited. The user has the possibility to choose the space to be cleaned, establish a specific work area, or disconnect areas that are not interested in the robot entering.


It offers an autonomy of 110 minutes and automatic charging. If necessary, the device returns to the charging station to recharge the battery and then continue cleaning where it was interrupted before.

Control types

The equipment can be controlled directly from the device itself or from a mobile application or by voice control. Through voice commands the user can establish virtual limits for places to be avoided, or select a room or a specific area for cleaning. Thanks to the compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, cleaning can be initiated via voice command.


The robot can be operated, if desired, with an optional self-dump station sold separately.

Added values

Thanks to a detection sensor, Yeedi recognizes carpets and automatically avoids scrubbing them to provide a specific cleaning for each type of floor.

It can work with the self-emptying station, which retains up to 30 days of dirt and debris.

The dedicated application allows you to schedule cleaning, configure prohibited areas and choose a specific room and area to clean.

It is made entirely of polycarbonate, the finishes are opaque white.

The height of the device does not exceed 8.5 cm (it fits almost anywhere).


Yeedi Vac Hybrid is marketed for € 209.

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Relevant characteristics

Yeedi Vac Hybrid Robot vacuums and scrubs. It has a suction power of 2500 Pa, with carpet detection, Smart navigation and mapping, voice control and App availability, cleaning program, 110 min of autonomy.

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