Wednesday, June 29

The draw for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, live

The Champions League will resolve the quarter-final tie this Monday (1:00 p.m.), as well as the path to the final that will be played on May 22, 2022 in Turn. Barcelona and Real Madrid, one in each drum, are part of the list of contenders for the continental throne.

The draw for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, live

We already have Nadine Kessler counting the lottery guidelines … let’s go!

Everything is already prepared in the room so that in a few minutes the draw will start …

UEFA has taken the opportunity to review the best goals of the group stage where there are two from BarcelonaLieke Martens, Fridolina Rolf) and one from Real Madrid (Caroline Mller).

One hour left for the draw. The two Spanish teams will have club representatives posted to Nyon for the draw, who will be attended by Nadine Kessler, head of UEFA’s women’s football department.

Both the quarterfinals and the semifinals are played in two games.. In the quarterfinals, the first of the groups will be local in the second leg matches. The draw for the semifinals will determine which teams will finally be local in the first leg matches. Important: the so-called away goals rule has been removed, so ties after 180 minutes in the quarterfinals or semi-finals will go to overtimeregardless of the number of goals each team has scored at home and away. If the teams are still unable to undo the tiebreaker after the additional 30 minutes, they will go to the penalty shootout.

Barcelona, ​​Wolfsburgo, PSG y Olympique Lyonnais are part of the seeded hype, while Real Madrid, Juventus, Arsenal y Bayern de Mnich they will be part of the second hype. The only condition set by UEFA before the draw is that two teams that have already coincided in the group stage cannot face each other, so the Catalans will not be able to meet Arsenal or the Whites with PSG.

Good morning everyone! UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon is the location chosen to host the last draw of the season for the Women’s Champions League where not only the quarter-final knockouts will be defined, but the path to the final.

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