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Selling Sunset: Amanza Shares New Details About Traumatic Trip With Ex

Amanza Smith, who appears on Selling Sunset, shared details about her struggle with motherhood amid custody battles and the disappearance of her ex.

Amanza Smith, a recent addition to the Selling Sunset cast, shared an update on her difficult relationship with her ex, Ralph Brown. A close friend of Mary Fitzgerald and a daring agent for the Oppenheim Group, Amanza got off to a rocky start at the company, balancing the harsh demands of Hollywood clients and single motherhood. Recently, Amanza has obtained full custody of her children, due to Ralph’s behavior. After getting through a challenging and emotional year of COVID, custody battles, and returning to the office, Amanza is now opening up about what really happened after her ex left.

As explained in season 4 of Selling Sunset, Ralph left Amanza and their children, Noah and Braker in 2019. She filed for divorce and the time has passed since she tried to track down her ex-husband, all while the custody issue raged. loomed over her. . In season 4, he reveals that Ralph granted him full custody of the children. Still missing, he no longer even has the right to visit. It is a traumatic experience for everyone involved, even more so with the addition of a camera crew filming his life. Now, she’s opening up about what it was really like to go through all of that while starring on the show.

Amanza said Today that realizing that Ralph was still missing and probably wouldn’t come back was like “a bomb dropped with cameras around me. ” Still trying to make sense of the situation and feelings of abandonment, both for herself and her children, Amanza candidly shared that “Maybe if I had known what was going to happen, I probably wouldn’t have signed up to do a reality show.” Despite the public spectacle that has become her custody battle and Ralph’s disappearance, Amanza is grateful to be a role model to so many who have been in her place. Throughout the loss and her televised heartbreak, Amanza still feels like she’s “A rude mom” and capable of both, with or without the support of your ex.

Despite the reality star having struggled due to her ex, Amanza has grown closer to her children and is not even more inspired to delve into her real estate career. Speaking of the lack of support she’s received from Ralph, the Selling Sunset explained how the brutality of the situation pushed her “speed up,” believe in yourself and find your full potential. Hopefully fans will be able to see that progression on Selling Sunset season 5.

Now an established member of the Oppenheim Group, Amanza can focus more on filming and less on handling her personal issues behind the scenes. While Selling Sunset Mostly about petty dramas between agents and glamorizing the rich and famous, Amanza centers the series, showing that women are more than just their designer heels and bags. With Selling Sunset Coming season 5, fans can prepare for many maternity updates from Amanza, as well as a closer look at her thriving career in the Oppenheim Group.

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