Tuesday, July 5

Saints Row ‘reboot’ shows off your customization, weapons, vehicles and more on video

Volition, the responsible development study reboot or restart of Saints Row, is celebrating on their social networks Saintsmas sharing videos with gameplay of the open world action adventure to arrive in August. In the clips, where you see material mix Mixed with previously shown sequences, it’s all about customizing to vehicles, going through weapons, abilities, and more.

The first of the videos is dedicated, as we said, to the customization. In Saints Row we can create a avatar in our image and likeness, varying from sex and hairstyle to physical complexion and voice type. There will also be Crazy clothes, costumes and crazy tattoos.

The second of the videos shows us some of the movements that we can do in the close combat and executions: there is no shortage of stunts, flying kicks and slaps that look like something out of the Terence Hill and Bud Spencer movies.

Saints Rows has never been short of ways to get around town, but it seems that in Santo Ileso, the city that we will go through in this installment, there will be more still. Cars, SUVs, quadricycles, motorcycles, helicopters and other more traditional vehicles will coexist with jets and hovercraft.

The mix is ​​also seen in weapons: shotguns, double submachine guns, baseball bats, bolt-action rifles and more gadgets will be accompanied by rocket launchers and some type of grenade that can be attached to a vehicle or enemy to launch it flying. In terms of skills there are from big punches worthy of a 2D fighting game to powers like see through the walls.

Putting on the clasp, the next two videos show, first, the criminal activities that we can manage in Santo Ileso (there will be a management component: businesses can be built that will alter the neighborhood and the secondary missions to be accessed); and second, a suit area with which we can sail the skies of the city.

Delayed from February to August

Saints Row was planned for February 25, a month where there are other big releases planned like Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West Y Dying Light 2. Last month, Volition announced the delay of the game until August 23, 2022 to polish the title. Coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC exclusively through the Epic Games Store.


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