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Resident Evil Apocalypse: The next game would lead to a ghost town after an outbreak

Resident Evil Apocalypse is the name that is likely to make headlines as the newest game in Capcom’s survival horror saga. After we have enjoyed Resident Evil 8: Village A few months ago, the company seems to have already established the basic pillars of the one that aims to be the next installment. That, at least, is what they suggest some supposed documents of the developers that have been leaked and that have appeared on portals such as ResetEra. Not surprisingly, at the beginning of this year the first rumors that Resident Evil 9 It was already in process, although other sources indicated that this would be the last numbered installment.

Resident Evil Apocalypse, these are your first supposed details

The first thing to note is that the title Resident Evil Apocalypse it appears to be provisional, which means that it is subject to change once it approaches its final stages of development. As we read, it seems to be a “Resident Evil in the West” You need to introduce new mechanics to add even more narrative richness to the player experience.

In this sense, the game is described as a third-person survival horror experience that introduces a kind of allied system: “Who is your friend or foe?” We speak of a “trust” mechanic that helps us to find biological weapons among the members of our team. It is also noted that the game will serve to establish a connection with Resident Evil 1 Y Resident Evil 2: bet on transmitting “dread” with the arrival of a new outbreak.

A ghost town with classic enemies of folklore like the wendigo

The environment where the action will take place will be a ghost town, which we assume is the desolate landscape that will remain after the aforementioned outbreak. In this place we will meet enemies taken again from folklore, such as the wendigo the goatman. The source of inspiration for this game seems to be the book Ritual – We do not know if it is Adam LG Nevill’s or it refers to another novel -, in which they rely to compose an atmosphere that inspires “a deep fear of the unknown and the terror of deep forests”.

This delivery also be used as a “final chapter” to close the stories of “ancient characters”. Having said that, Resident Evil Apocalypse offer a strictly solo experience, thus ruling out any online component. Right now the project is still in its early stages of development, according to the leaked document, so launch window points to 2024. Supposedly some beta-testers would be exploring the inclusion of the new mechanics.

As usual, you have to remember that This is a supposedly leaked document and its veracity has to be confirmed by an official source. In turn, many of these details may change – if true – until the final version of the game. At the moment Capcom has not made any statement, so we have to wait until the company wants to give some kind of information. Meanwhile, we remind you that Resident Evil 8: Village It is available on both PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and PS5. Here you are our analysis Y our guide.

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