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Red Light / Green Light comes to PUBG Mobile for you to sit in The Squid Game | Levelup

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The Squid game Netflix is ​​a series featuring various traditional games from South Korea and the entire world. The brutal way in which they are represented, aroused the curiosity of many who have taken them to adopt them to the world of gaming. Clear example we have it in PUBG Mobile, game that received the classic Red Light / Green Light.

KRAFTON Inc., announced that React: Survival is now available, it is a solo mode available in Arcade Mode. This mode is inspired by the classic Red Light / Green Light game so that you feel like part of the game. Squid gameJust without putting your life at risk or having the opportunity to win millions of dollars.

In case you don’t know what Red Light / Green Light is, we tell you that in React: Survival your mission will be to reach the goal before time runs out. Now, this race is far from being as simple as it seems and there will be a dangerous being known as Evil Rabbit who will eliminate you if he sees you move. So, you can only run while the music is playing and Evil Rabbit is turning his back on you.

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“In the new React: Survival game mode, players must reach the finish line before time runs out, but they can only move when the Evil Rabbit has his back turned and the music is playing. If you move, even one step, when the music has already stopped and the Evil Rabbit is watching, you will be eliminated. Patient players, who have taken their time and learned the Evil Rabbit patterns, will be able to finish and claim their freedom, ”says the official description of the game mode.

Will you play React: Survival?

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PUBG Mobile it is currently available for iOS and Android devices. If you want to read the latest news about this popular Battle Royale, you can do so by clicking on the following link.

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