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Psychonauts 2 studio Double Fine is already working on several new projects | Levelup

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Double Fine delivered us this year Psychonauts 2, undoubtedly one of the most important titles of 2021. The Xbox Game Studios developer is already preparing to take her next step and will do so with several projects.

The company recently confirmed that it will end its planned support for the sequel soon, so it can fully dedicate itself to its future games. There is good news for fans of their work, as it is also a fact that they will make several games at the same time.

This will be possible thanks to the fact that Double Fine was divided into several teams that will continue with part of the studio’s philosophy: experiment to find new ideas and proposals that are attractive to players.

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Double Fine will make multiple games after Psychonauts 2

The developer stated that it still has some things to do in relation to Psychonauts 2, but you already have enough time and space to think about your next projects. Double Fine wants to go big, so it will be focusing on creating multiple games soon.

The studio stated that it now has multiple teams that will experiment to deliver unique experiences to players in the future. Unfortunately, he did not share any hints of the type of projects they will do.

“The studio is already splitting into various teams and starting different projects that we think you will enjoy. We like to experiment here at Double Fine. Each game is an opportunity to explore new ideas, new visual styles or gameplay, emotions and more,” he commented Double Fine.

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Fans hope that at least one of the games is related to Psychonauts, but nothing is confirmed. The good news is that Double Fine appears to be spending time and effort exploring other horizons that will bolster the Xbox game lineup.

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Psychonauts 2 is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. Look for more news about the sequel at this link.

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