Wednesday, May 25

PS5 can be purchased in Spain between today and Wednesday in these stores

Sony repondr PlayStation 5 stock this week in Spain, as reported by our sources. PS5 will be available again in online stores between this Monday, December 20 and Wednesday, December 22. However, we do not know how many units will arrive, although they will probably not be enough to meet the demand. Some units will also arrive at physical stores, and there are reports of users who have managed to reserve a machine in their trusted store.

It is common for online stores to take advantage of the lack of supply of PS5 to sell the console only in packs with games, DualSense controllers and other accessories. At the time of writing these lines there are only two stores that have stock of the machine, but they only sell it in packages together with high-end televisions, exceeding 2700 euros the set: they are Media Markt Y The English Court. In the orange shop is also available in two different packages (with command and annual subscription to PS Plus, Y with controller and two games), but only for customers from the service provider.

The consignment that will be available between now and Wednesday will be, according to our source, probably the last to arrive in Spain before 2022, so it will be the only time to get a PS5 for Christmas or Three Kings gift. Online stores will probably not notify you of a PS5 reload before they do, as this causes them to crash their web pages.

Where to buy PS5 in Spain

That is why we recommend that you have at hand the links to the console file in the different stores and be subscribed to Telegram groups and Twitter accounts that notify you of the replenishment of stock. We remind you that the PS5 with Blu-ray player it has a price of 499,99 and the PS5 Digital Edition cost 399,99 .

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