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Pokémon Unite: Dragonite is now available along with patch

It was confirmed for several weeks, but from today it is already a reality: Dragonite is the new Pokémon that just joined Pokmon Unite, the MOBA of the Pokémon franchise available on Switch and mobiles. All players can get hold of this new classic 1st generation creature now. through the store of the title. The Dragon-type Pokémon has joined the game as well along with a new patch what does some fixes and adjustments various.

Dragonite now available in Pokémon Unite

Here below you can see the official file Dragonite in Pokémon Unite and its characteristics along with his presentation trailer:

  • Role: equilibrado (all-rounder).
  • Attacks: long range (physical attack damage).
  • Difficulty: novato.
  • Evolutions: Dratini (Nv. 1), Dragonair (Nv. 5) y Dragonite (Nv. 8).
  • Offensive: 4/5 stars.
  • Endurance: 2.5 / 5 stars.
  • Agility: 2.5 / 5 stars.
  • Annotation: 3/5 stars.
  • Support: 0.5 / 5 stars.

In this other news already we review all the movements and skills with which Dragonite has in this video game. As a summary, we remind you that it is a Pokémon capable of unleash tornadoes, comets, fire, water and electricity in combat. It has three basic attacks according to its evolution with different effects; Dratini Deals water damage to opponents it hits in addition to restoring HP. Dragonair alternates between a water attack and an electric attack, the latter leaving the opponent unable to act for a short period of time. Finally, Dragonite (in addition to the water and electric effects) also causes a fire effect that can deal additional damage to the opponent.

His Unite movement is Sidereal Jump. With this movement the player can choose an area of ​​the map to take a huge jump and descend with force, surrounded by meteorites that cause great impact damage around. The Aeos Energy cost of the movement is higher the further away there is to the chosen area of ​​the jump. User is unstoppable while using this move.

Changes, fixes and adjustments in version of Pokémon Unite

As we have already said in the introduction of the news, along with Dragonite comes to Pokémon Unite a new update containing various changes and fixes. In the let These general news are included:

  • Bug fixes.
  • Changes in specifications.
  • Text corrections.
  • Balance adjustments in Pokémon movements and abilities.
  • Matchmaking adjustments for Quick, Standard, and Ranked matches (players with similar skill levels should now match more often).

You can consult all the changes give a esta in this official link. We remind you that currently in Pokmon Unite is celebrating the winter festival, a Christmas event that includes login gifts, special game modes with snow and much more. Do not miss it!

Pokmon Unite, developed by TiMi Studios, is available free for Nintendo Switch and Android and iOS mobiles. The title is a team MOBA 5 vs 5 in which we have to fight the most exciting battles with some of the most iconic Pokémon in the saga. If you want to know more details and win all your games, we encourage you to visit our complete guide with tips and tricks.

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