Wednesday, May 25

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Reveals New Details • Console and Dashboard

No fan of Pokémon I’m not looking forward to the big launch of Pokémon Legends: Arceus. It will be available on January 28 on Nintendo Switch. Little by little, Game Freak and Nintendo have been revealing news, as well as details of its gameplay in a constant trickle of videos. In the latter, we can see the Diamond Clan and the Pearl. Also, the presentation of the Ginkgo company.


New characters have been revealed for this installment, which promises to mark a before and after in the saga. It is not for less, since it will work as a prequel, reflecting a world before the friendship between humans and pocket creatures. We meet Adamas, the leader of the Diamond Clan, with Leafeon as his faithful Pokémon.

In addition, we meet Nákara, leader of the Pearl Clan, accompanied at all times by Glaceon. They will be independent from the Galaxia team. We also discover what the Ginkgo company. It will consist of several members, its leader being Bilo, who will sell us the strangest objects.

The Ginkgo company has several people spread all over Hisui. They will offer money exchanges, generally for objects. Some of them will be more important than others, such as the two that have appeared in the trailer: Bilo, the leader of the group, and Volus, a notorious member. There is little time left for a game to land in our lives in which the fans have their hopes for the growth of the saga Pokémon. Let us remember that, although he is the absolute leader in his business, he is no longer alone …

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