Tuesday, October 4

PlayStation Releases Another Holiday Greeting Card Game

Just in time for the holidays, PlayStation releases another batch of greeting cards featuring a crowd of the industry’s best-known developers.

It’s the season to give and Play station wants fans to communicate behind the scenes. PlayStation has released a batch of greeting cards from developers from across the industry, featuring some of the most popular games and many familiar faces.

This isn’t the first time PlayStation has celebrated by sharing its greeting cards. PlayStation shared developer greeting cards in winter 2020, where companies from PlayStation Studios and beyond show up with some of their popular IPs. Then unreleased games like Housemarque’s Returny Lucid’s Destruction Allstars make appearances, with series from bigger names like Treyarch Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Wary Epic Games ‘ Fortnite. Many games have also started their Christmas festivities, with Fortnite Winterfest 2021 has just started and Call of Duty: war zone with the Festive Fervor event.

This year’s PlayStation greeting card bundle includes many returning faces, as well as some new ones too. Once again, PlayStation Studios stands out here, with a cute Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Insomniac Games card, a festive Aloy and a Guerilla’s machine Horizonte Forbideen West, and a rather sinister but festive space helmet and skull from Housemarque and Return. Longtime Naughty Dog fans will appreciate your greeting card, with the headline Jak and Daxter in celebration of The precursor legacy20th anniversary. You can see the entire collection of greeting cards. here.

As for third party greeting cards, they make up the majority of the images included here. Respawn Entertainment sent out a festive Apex Legends card where Octane, Mirage, and Pathfinder, among others, are dressed for the season. Many Square Enix franchises are included on your card, with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Final Fantasy 14, Nier Automataand many other games that comprise the interior of multiple snowflakes. And finally, the Sega greeting card shows the holder Sonic the Hedgehog, Super monkey ballis AiAi, Person 5Morgana, and other characters in a warm Christmas scene.

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Seeing the inside of the gaming industry in this way is something that regular gamers 20 years ago couldn’t do. With exclusive art and a sense of camaraderie, the greeting cards convey the sense of community shared by game developers. Perhaps some of these artworks will be republished in the specific communities that appeared here, but this is the best place to see the entire collection of greeting cards in one place. Fans can watch the end of the year sales on the Play station Shop for deals on many of the games listed in the collection.


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