Tuesday, August 16

Peloton Bikes and Galaxy Watch 4 could be the creepiest gifts this Christmas

Mozilla has released its ‘Privacy Not Included’ report, which lists the devices and apps that spy on users. Creepy gadgets include Peloton bikes.

Mozilla has released its annual ‘Privacy Not Included’ report, which lists the devices and apps that spy on users. Many smart devices and IoT devices are known to leak data, and numerous reports over the years show that some of them even transfer data to their servers in plain text. However, the latest report now mentions some of the top-rated apps and devices because of the troubling privacy policies of their developers and manufacturers.

Mozilla is a renowned non-profit software maker that develops the privacy-oriented web browser Firefox and the popular Thunderbird email client. It also has a highly rated VPN service that it claims offers security, reliability, and speed without compromising privacy. The new list, which arrives just before Christmas, will likely help some people avoid splurging on some of the creepiest gadgets and electronics on sale today.

From MozillaPrivacy not includedThe list includes many smart home and IoT devices, many of which are known to be creepy. One such example is the Facebook Portal smart screen that comes with an always-on microphone and a smart camera that Mozilla says is capable of. “Tracking your every move.” However, some of the other devices on the list are more amazing, such as the Peloton Bike and the Peloton Tread. These devices made the list because the company recently threatened to block them if their owners did not pay a subscription of $ 39 a month, ostensibly for child safety, following the tragic death of a 6-year-old boy. Since then, Peloton has backtracked on its threat following massive protests, but Mozilla rightly pointed out that any company even thinking of blocking hardware with an OTA update is simply creepy and unacceptable.

Tinder is spying on you too

Another very popular device on the ‘Privacy Not Included’ list is the Galaxy Watch 4, and Mozilla says Samsung’s creepy privacy policies are to blame. According to Mozilla, “Samsung may share or sell personal information such as your gender or location data to data brokers” unless users manually choose not to share private health data from their watch. The report further states that the opt-out process is “clumsy” and cumbersome, something even tech-savvy people can struggle with.

Along with Peloton hardware and Samsung smartwatches, some of the other notable devices on the list are DJI Mavic drones, Amazon Fire HD Kids Pro tablet, Oculus Quest 2, Amazon Echo Dot, Ring Always Home camera, and many more. . The list also includes a bunch of popular mobile apps that Mozilla says have lame privacy policies. That includes instant messaging apps, like the discontinued Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Houseparty, as well as a host of dating apps, like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Facebook Dating, Jdate, OkCupid, Bumble, Match.com, Coffee. Meets Bagel, Grindr, and more.


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