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Panic shopping? Nintendo expects server overload this week | Levelup

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The holiday season at the end of the year is for many the perfect occasion to enjoy video games. This since there is more free time and some lucky ones will receive a console as a Christmas gift.

Nintendo knows that the Switch will be very popular during this time, so it wants all players to be able to enjoy its system and its titles without any problem. The company had problems with its servers in years past, as it was impossible to use the Switch eShop and several of its services.

The situation is expected to repeat itself in a few days, so Nintendo asked players to be cautious and anticipate the situation. That is why he asked to create user accounts and make purchases in advance.

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Nintendo expects server problems this week

Nintendo used its social media support accounts to warn players of potential service issues this weekend, when millions of Switch users will no doubt be enjoying their favorite games and thousands of new players will be getting their console.

The company recommended creating a Nintendo account and making the necessary purchases in advance, since on Friday and Saturday there could be problems on the servers due to the high number of active users.

It is worth remembering that in 2020 the eShop went down for almost 24 hours and users were unable to download their new titles that they received as a gift. Hopefully the situation will not repeat itself to such a degree, but we recommend that you anticipate any inconvenience.

“This weekend, we expect concentrated access to the Nintendo Account servers, and it can cause problems such as not being able to create Nintendo Accounts immediately. We encourage people planning to use the Nintendo Switch feature for the first time to create their own accounts beforehand, ”the company commented.

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