Tuesday, July 5

Nintendo lets us review our use of Switch during 2021 • Console and Dashboard

Now that 2021 is coming to an end, many are beginning to take stock of the year. Nintendo is not far behind. Allows players to Nintendo Switch review how your relationship with the console has been. What game have we enjoyed the most?


To access the report, we will need to have our Nintendo account linked. Clicking on the link provided by the company, we directly access our statistics for 2021.

The first data that we will see is the days that have passed since we started using the Switch. Next, we will know how many games we have played in 2021, comparing the result with previous years. The genres that have accompanied us the most are also registered, be it action, adventure, puzzle, strategy or shooting.

We will know the hours of play of the titles that have entertained us the most and the total hours of play, compared to 2020. We will check if we have used the console more on the television or on a laptop, using a percentage graph. Finally, we will know which day is the one we have played the most, with a complete summary of the monthly activity by hours. All this data can be shared on social networks or downloaded.

Complete the report with the number of Gold Points and Platinum Points obtained on My Nintendo, a list of recommendations based on our tastes and a preview of what 2022 will bring. Those Points can be exchanged for discounts or for special items (as long as we are willing to bear the shipping costs).

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