Thursday, May 26

Microsoft voted the best company of the year and Meta, formerly known as Facebook, the worst

Meta, a company that until October of this year we knew as Facebook, has been chosen by Yahoo! Finance What worst company of 2021. Every December, the specialized portal conducts a survey among readers in which they ask which company they liked the least over the last twelve months, and this time the chosen one was the signature of Mark Zuckerberg with 8% of the votes (which indicates that it has been a very laughed poll in which, according to the medium itself, “dozens” of names have been entered).

The audience of this portal has had enough reasons to choose Facebook as the worst company of 2021: this year it has been involved in several controversies ranging from monopoly investigations to accusations of malpractices within the company itself by a former employee who ensures that there will be strong security breaches that the company will not be working on solving. Also this year has taken place one of the biggest server drops on Facebook, which has affected services such as WhatsApp, Instagram and even Oculus, which had problems running video games. Shortly afterwards came the name change to Meta and the total bet for a metaverso that has not finished convincing.

Microsoft is the best company of the year, according to Yahoo! Finance

On the other corner of the ring we have Microsoft, chosen as best company of the year by own Yahoo! Finance. This time it is not a survey of its audience, but rather an award that the portal itself gives to the companies that have had the best financial performance over the last year. The Xbox parent appears to have experienced huge stock growth in 2021 that has earned it a similar position to that of Apple and Alphabet (Google), marking its value at $ 2.4 trillion according to December 6 figures.

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