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League of Legends: Riot talks about the changes and news coming in 2022

If last week we informed you of the 2022 patch schedule to receive League of Legends, this week we begin by sharing the main plans who have to playable level at Riot Games for its star title. And it is that this next year, in the Season 12, LoL keep changing and getting better. The Rift team, commanded by Riot Axes (Bryan Salvatore), the game’s chief designer, posted a few days ago a new official entry in which the short and long term plans for the MOBA. What are the news in which they work? Let’s see it.

Short-term changes for League of Legends in 2022

The first changes that Riot has talked about are those that have to do with the short term, that is, those that are closer to occur. Overall the company is happy with the preseason 2022 and they ensure that the news seems stable after implementing the last adjustments. However, for the first version of Season 12, 12.1, and the first months of the year the game will add some interesting news.

Changes confirmed for version 12.1

These are some of the news that LoL will receive in your Season 12 first patch. This is version 12.1 that is expected to be released next Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

  • Various fortune teller flowers will be added: in various locations to enhance the defending team’s experience in their own jungle. Riot confirms that they will also continue to closely monitor the progress of the Technochemical Dragon and her soul.
  • The Summoner Spell Teleport: change significantly. Before 14 minutes of play time, the new Teleport will have a longer cooldown and can only be used with turrets. After those 14 minutes have elapsed, its cooldown will be reduced and it can be used for the same purposes as it is today.

Other future changes

For the following changes Riot has commented that they still do not know when they will launch, although they assure that it will be during the first half of the year 2022:

  • Changes to some of the items for fighters: such as Sterak’s Gauge, which has become a universal object, which eliminates the differences between fighters (such as Darius or Illaoi) and featherweights (such as Fiora or Irelia).
  • Other items such as Maw of Malmortius and Dance of Death: They may also receive changes so that champions who stop using Sterak’s Gauge have viable alternatives.

On the other hand they are also developing medium updates for some champions. The first two projects from the beginning of the year include Janna y Ahri. These champions will receive minor changes than Tahm Kench underwent in his last update, but they will still be relevant changes.

Long-term investigations

Over the long term, Riot is going to study two large areas of LOL. They dont have a decided focus with them yet, so they don’t promise anything, but have wanted to share their initial ideas.

The explosive damage

  • They are analyzing how and when large amounts of damage are inflicted and examining its effects on the gaming experience.
  • They want to make sure that the fighting is understandable and that the possibility of counterattack exists.
  • The company believes that explosive damage killings they happen too fast and too often. One of the options they are considering is reduction of damage dealt in certain circumstances, probably towards the middle or the end of the game and against champions with very little defense.

Systems that provide healing and endurance

  • Certain systems, such as objects or runes, they provide too much healing and endurance capacity currently.
  • Todava details have not been polishedIt is not known whether they will release all the healing system changes at the same time or slowly.
  • In part, the answer to this depend on what they end up doing with the explosive damageBecause the longer it takes to slaughter the champions, the more powerful the stamina becomes.

League of Legends is a MOBA that is found totally free for PC gamers. To learn more about him you can read our analysis and if you want to enter his universe on the right foot, do not hesitate to visit our guide of tips and tricks.

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