Wednesday, May 18

Last-minute deal with Amazon cuts $ 35 on Kindle

Want to snuggle by the fire with a great read on vacation? Amazon offers a last-minute deal that saves you $ 35 on a new Kindle and gives you a 3-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited for free.

Right now, you can get the Amazon Kindle por solo $ 54. That’s $ 35 off, which makes it one of the best Kindle deals we’ve seen. This deal includes three free months of Kindle Unlimited, giving you access to over a million titles, magazines, and audio books.

If you’re looking to buy a Kindle, the base model is the best to get if you’re on a budget, especially now that it’s on sale. On our list of the best Kindles, this version ranked No. 2, right behind the Kindle Paperwhite. But while the Paperwhite starts at $ 139, the base Kindle is less than half the price right now at $ 54.

In our Kindle review, we loved its varied lighting options, comfortable design, and Bluetooth capability for listening to some of the best audiobooks. The base Kindle also has a 6-inch glare-free display, a 4-LED front light, and 4GB of storage. Unlike the Paperwhite, the base Kindle is not waterproof, so remember to be careful if you plan to read poolside once the weather warms up.

This version of the Kindle is ad-free, however the ad-free version is also on sale for the same $ 35 discount. You’ll pay $ 74 for the ad-free Kindle after the discount.

Not sure if the Kindle is for you? If you’re in the mood for a tablet, check out our list of the best iPad deals right now.

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