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It’s International VPN Day, but why should you care?

It’s August 19, which means the long-awaited International VPN Day has finally arrived! Okay, we’ll forgive you for not writing it in pencil in the journal, but this event – the start of NordVPN’s VPN Awareness Month – might be more interesting than you think.

Focusing on personal safety online, International VPN Day aims to raise the profile of the best VPN services beyond the most technological in society and into the mainstream. He hopes to encourage everyone from IT professionals to the most dedicated Luddites to consider the risks they face online and how to mitigate them.

It’s also worth noting that since the global lockdowns occurred early last year, cybercrime has increased dramatically. This, coupled with the increasingly intrusive ad tracking and the prevalence of work from home, has meant that VPNs and other security software have come into the limelight. VPN Day is here to celebrate.

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Why has International VPN Day been established?

“The main goal of International VPN Day is to pay more attention to privacy, security and freedom on the Internet and to educate people around the world about the importance of having a VPN,” says NordVPN. “We want more brands and cybersecurity enthusiasts to join us in this celebration.”

We think this is a great opportunity for those who aren’t committed to cybersecurity to jump in and see what VPNs can offer them, and that’s not just limited to NordVPN either. NordVPN echoes this, stating that “this celebration is not about NordVPN in particular. It’s about the importance of cybersecurity in general, and the VPN is a very important part of a private and secure Internet. “

How can I get involved?

While it’s not the most interactive celebration, we highly recommend taking the time to read about staying safe online, perhaps researching some of the more interesting VPN uses, and getting involved in things like National privacy test.

If you’re really going to get into the spirit of things, we also recommend doing some general digital housework, like making sure you don’t use repeated passwords, that your social media accounts aren’t linked to any suspicious faces. -exchange apps and even make sure your devices are fully up-to-date with the latest software.

In short, we think improving cybersecurity should rank higher on most people’s to-do lists, but understandably it isn’t. International VPN Day is a helpful reminder that it’s worth taking the time to make sure you’re fully protected online.

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