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GTA Online: where to find the safe combination in Tequi La La

Players looking for Tequi La La’s safe combination for the GTA Online Valuables Recovery Contract can find help in this guide.

GTA OnlineThe Contract DLC adds a number of new missions to Rockstar’s extremely popular multiplayer title, including one that sends players to Tequi La La. As fans visit this establishment, they will be directed to find the combination for a safe, and indeed that must be done to advance the mission. For those players who have trouble finding the safe combination of Tequi La La in GTA Online, this guide is here to assist you.

GTA Online: Where to Find the Safe Combination of Tequi La La

The Tequi La La safe combination can be found scrawled on a yellow sticky note, which can appear in several different locations within the building. Here’s a list of possible spawn points for the post-it, and its yellow color should allow Grand Theft Auto Online players to see it quite easily:

  1. Behind the bar on the ground floor. On the counter above the base refrigerators.
  2. To the left of the stage in front of the aforementioned bar. On the black platform that supports a stack of speakers and has a “No Crowd Surfing” sign.
  3. On a square table that is next to some black chairs that are near the stage.

Regardless of where a player finally finds the sticky note, they will be prompted to pick up the safe combination as soon as they get close. After performing this action, fans are ready to open the safe, found upstairs in Tequi La La, and collect the necklace from inside. Players can then return to the Agency with the item in hand to finally complete the Valuables Recovery Contract at GTA Online.

Please note that completing a security contract is one of the preliminary steps to unlocking GTA OnlineVIP contracts. In fact, if the Retrieve Goodies mission is the first contract a player has completed, they should receive a phone call from Franklin after waiting a short period of time. This phone call will unlock a mission that takes place at Los Santos Golf Club, and fans will gain access to VIP contracts when completed.

Currently, the only VIP contract in the game focuses on helping Dr. Dre, and players will earn a substantial financial reward for taking on it. This reward can be spent on one of the new cars from GTA OnlineIt’s The Contract DLC, or fans can certainly choose to use it for something else if they wish.

Grand Theft Auto Online It is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and support for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S is planned for March 2022.

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