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Gran Turismo 7 will start with more than 420 cars and 90 tracks | Levelup

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After many years and a proposal that divided opinions on PlayStation 4, Great tourism will be back with a delivery that seeks to meet the high expectations of its loyal and historic community. Gran Turismo 7 It is a reality and the race will start in March 2022 with a launch on PS4 and PS5, which is already being prepared by Polyphony Digital and which has revealed details in its promotional campaign for these holidays.

Gran Turismo 7 will seek to pamper fans of the franchise

The site specialized in Great tourism, GT Panet, shared information found in a publicity pamphlet from Gran Turismo 7 that has begun to circulate in Japan by Polyphony Digital and that boasts some of the characteristics that this new installment of the successful franchise will have. Initially, the printed material reveals that the game will start with an offer of more than 420 cars and 90 tracks with a high level of realism, both in scenarios and in climate, so that from the first moment it will seek to meet the requirement of the fans.

Classic GT Mode elements will be back in Gran Turismo 7

Likewise, the pamphlet points out some of the options that users of Gran Turismo 7 by entering the GT Mode, the traditional mode that has accompanied the franchise in most of its deliveries. In this sense, it is revealed that the user’s Garage will have place for more than 1000 vehicles, while the Central Brands will have an initial offer of more than 300 vehicles distributed among 60 companies with models after 2011.

In the same way, there will be sellers of used cars with models from the 80s and 90s, in fact it is with them that you could start your adventure in Gran Turismo 7. In this case, the used vehicle list will be updated every day.

Along with this, the Licensing Center will return where you will test your skills to obtain a certification that allows you to run on more circuits and there will be a Mission Center with specific races and events that will be held under certain conditions.

Gran Turismo 7 It will debut on March 4 on PlayStayion 4 and PlayStation 5. In this link you will find more information.

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