Tuesday, July 5

Fortnite could receive tornadoes and lightning in Chapter 3, according to this leak

Fortnite is immersed in full Winter Festival 2021, a Christmas event that has brought great news such as gifts in the form of skins and new outfits inspired by Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, it seems that Epic Games has an ace up its sleeve to keep the flame of its battle royale when this holiday ends, at least that is what it looks like according to the latest files found by an acquaintance dataminer.

The user Mang0e has posted leaked information on his Twitter account suggesting that Fortnite You may receive new random events related to weather effects soon. Specifically, it speaks of the possible arrival of tornadoes and lightning to the map of battle royale, two meteorological events that will be unpredictable by the players and that will have some effect on the gameplay.

How tornadoes and lightning would work Fortnite?

The tornados from Fortnite would be similar to those in real life, consisting of powerful vertical wind tunnels that absorb both characters and objects that they had around them. According to this user, they will have their own physics system and there will be several types with different intensity. The information obtained in the dataminig points out that tornadoes will form suddenly, in about 25 seconds, and will have an estimated duration of eight minutes.

Unlike tornadoes, Ray from Fortnite they will give certain advantages to the players. Those who are hit by one of these currents of electricity will simply be thrown into the air without taking additional damage, and will also receive a speed boost that allows them to run twice as fast for 12 seconds. Lightning can strike not only human characters, but also objects and trees, causing fires.

This information has not been officially confirmed by Epic Games, so we have to interpret it as a rumor. What we do know is that Fortnite has made the leap to Unreal Engine 5 in its latest update, which could lead to the arrival of new mechanics like these.


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