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Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS Plus can be upgraded to the PS5 version for free | Levelup

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PlayStation Plus started 2021 with a great surprise for its users: the possibility of obtaining Final Fantasy VII Remake throughout March. This launch on the PS4 service was well received by gamers; however, it was not spared from controversy.

In case you don’t remember, the copies obtained through PlayStation Plus could not be updated to their improved version for PlayStation 5, which annoyed many fans who wanted to enjoy the JRPG and its Yuffie DLC on the next generation console.

Fortunately, this will change very soon, as Square Enix confirmed that all players who have obtained Final Fantasy VII Remake Thanks to the service, they will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version for free starting this week.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake PS Plus can finally be upgraded to PS5

Through a message on their Twitter account, Square Enix confirmed that all the PlayStation Plus subscribers they obtained Final Fantasy VII Remake They will have the possibility to update the title to its improved version for PlayStation 5.

This will be possible from next Wednesday, December 22, apparently without a deadline. Therefore, we recommend that you update the game as soon as possible if you plan to enjoy it on PlayStation 5 as well.

Another good news is that Square Enix will offer an attractive discount on Episode Intermission, the DLC starring Yuffie. For a limited time, players can purchase it with a 25% discount to enjoy all current RPG content.

The news was well received by some fans, but other players are upset, believing that the ability to upgrade to PlayStation 5 should have been available since March. Many complained about having to buy back the game in order to enjoy the DLC on the next-gen console.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC (via Epic Games Store). Look at this link for all the news related to the RPG.

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