Sunday, June 26

Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS Plus version can be upgraded to PS5

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, the PlayStation 5 edition of the acclaimed action RPG released on PS4 early last year, was released last June 10th. Holders of Final Fantasy VII Remake in physical or digital format update free your PS4 game to the PS5 game (and buy the DLC INTERmission separately), but there was fine print: those who got the title when it was included in PlayStation Plus in March 2021 could not benefit from the update. That will change this Wednesday, as Square Enix announced via Twitter.

From December 22th, who obtained Final Fantasy 7 Remake con PlayStation Plus podrn update it for free to Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade. Square Enix has not gone into details about why upgrade is possible now and not at launch of the PS5 version. It is common that PS4 titles improved for PS5 can be updated for free, or in some cases, with the payment of an amount that rarely exceeds 10 euros.

Episode INTERmission cost 15 euros for a limited time

For an unspecified limited time Episode INTERmission will have a 25% discount on PlayStation Store. It’s about a Exclusive DLC from Intergrade (that is, the version for PS5) starring Yuffie It offers a parallel story to the main one and an expanded ending to the original adventure. The standard price is 19.99 euros, so it will stay in 15 euros.

“This downloadable content tells the story of Yuffie upon her arrival in Midgar, where she must join forces with another Wutai agent and Avalanche’s main cell to infiltrate Shinra’s building and steal the supreme matter, “says the official synopsis offered in PlayStation Store. “The action unfolds in two independent chapters of the main game. In addition, this content adds to the version for PlayStation 5 a special encounter of the combat simulator against Weiss the Immaculate“.

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