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Danger on the Purple Planet reaches its last days in Verkami • Console and Dashboard

«The definitive campaign for Dungeon Classics ». This is how it is presented Danger on the Purple Planet, project that is immersed in a campaign to seek financing in Verkami. He reaches his last days, with more than 80% of his initial goal reached.


Danger on the Purple Planet is a compilation of adventures, plus setting content for Dungeon Classics. As pointed out by Other Selves, its publisher, this edition in Spanish is full of material, making it an ambitious project.

The action takes place under the sun, in an endless war between tribes of beast-men. With ancient technology causing quick life or death, survival depends on the sword and on one’s wits. The mission is to become conquerors of a alien land, if possible, without ending up being a rotting corpse.

It is not for less, since we will travel to a planet in another galaxy. Take the form of open world adventure to level 4. It will be a first contact with a post-apocalyptic planet, with its creatures and with its unknown technology. Everything learned in our home will be of little or no use.

We will have to find out what got us there, how to adapt and the way back home. Meanwhile, we will have the option of being heroes, villains, conquerors, revolutionaries or leaders for the inhabitants of this planet.

“The Purple Planet is a richly detailed environment through various adventures,” say those responsible. The book consists of a bestiary and information about the inhabitants of the new place, magic, technology and key places. It comes complete with aids and appendices and a fold-out map.

The artwork is signed by Harley Stroh, while Doug Kovacs is in charge of the illustrations. It will combine the essence of fantasy classics with post-apocalyptic storylines.

The campaign also serves to bring to life a reissue of the basic manual and the module Sailors of the Starless Sea. Dungeon Classics is an RPG starring adventurers in search of riches and glory.

All content will be kept in a special box. It can be purchased for 60 euros during the campaign, in a reward that includes the physical and digital formats of Danger on the Purple Planet, in addition to the shipping costs to the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. The launch is scheduled for April 2022.

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