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COOLMOD celebrates Christmas with the best offers

Offered by COOLMOD.

With Christmas knocking on our door, it is time to surprise your friends and family. Getting the latest news in technology is a sure hit and, therefore, COOLMOD throws his COOLPC White and makes it easy for you with its best prices on a selection of computer products.

As stated in the slogan of his campaign, “do not give you the grapes to choose the perfect gift!”. Until next time January 10, you can enjoy multiple offers on your website. Among the different options available, you will find gaming accessories, components or peripherals with unrepeatable discounts.

And that’s not all. COOLMOD has also created its range of computers gaming more Christmas. With your COOLPC Whites you can get a powerful configuration at an unbeatable price. This line of computers, designed to adapt to different tastes and needs For video game lovers, it includes fully compatible, top-quality components to ensure optimal computer performance.

This Christmas do not miss your COOLPC White

COOLMOD’s COOLPC White range is made up of eight settings different, all made up of high-level components that promise an unprecedented experience.

In addition to outrageous prices, all the options available in the COOLPC White series include a peripheral gift: a KFA2 brand mouse.

Among the different possibilities, you can choose a more esports-oriented mid-range equipment, such as the COOLPC White II for 699.95 (discount of 200), or for more powerful configurations such as the one offered by the COOLPC White VI from 1499.95 (down from 300), which ensures the highest graphic quality with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti card.

COOLMOD celebrates Christmas with the best offers Image 3

As in all its assemblies, COOLMOD guarantees a professional finish, with a neat wiring distribution and adequate noise and cooling levels. PCs are subject to strict controls, which guarantee its correct operation. Likewise, with an exclusive self-inflating packaging system, the equipment is fully protected during transport.

Through the COOLMOD configurator, before buying your COOLPC White you can also modify some of its components by other compatible ones, so that the computer adjusts even more to your needs.

COOLMOD makes it easy for you with its best offers

During the campaign, COOLMOD will have its own advent calendar and share the best promotions from your website through your social networks.

In addition to the incredible prices offered by its COOLPC White range, until the next January 10 multiple will also be available discounts on other products such as headsets, gaming chairs, mice, keyboards, monitors, components, and much more. Get the perfect gift!

Visit the COOLMOD store through this link and discover all their offers.

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