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Claim Yuji Naka Killed A Star Fox-Inspired Game For Dreamcast | Levelup

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When we hear about Yuji Naka, creator of Sonic The HedgehogGood thoughts always come to us about his enormous talent and what he has brought to the industry. However, there are some former teammates who think differently. Such is the case of a former SEGA producer who claims that the Japanese canceled one of the most promising exclusives of the Dreamcast.

The SEGA console missed a very promising game

The claim comes from Mark Subotnick, who worked at SEGA of America and had an interview recently on the podcast. The Retro Hour, where he shared several interesting facts about his time working for the company.

In this interview, he mentioned Spirit Force, a spaceship rails shooter completely inspired by Star Fox. This game was shown in 1998 and was reportedly canceled due to a lack of confidence in the project, but according to Subotnick this is not what happened.

Here you can see the trailer for the canceled game:

Spirit Force It was an exclusive project for SEGA Dreamcast and the team was led by Mark Subotnick, who shared a few words about the beginning of the development of the game before the launch of the console:

“Before the architecture solidified, we were already up and running … we got the green light to make a game called Spirit Force. It was a clone of Star Fox … I’m not going to say we had amazing ideas (but) we had a great narrative that was very different and we actually had a very diverse cast; looking back, we were actually ahead of our time, “confessed Subotnick.

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However, despite the fact that the title was completed between 65% and 70%, it could never be finished. Most incredible of all is what the former producer said about Yuji Naka, who went to tour the studio to see his tools and began to speak in Japanese, believing that no one would understand:

“(Naka) started talking about what parts of our technology they were going to take for Sonic and then he basically said that as soon as they shipped, he would fire everyone but one of the engineers who knows his system,” said the former worker.

Everything indicates that Subotnick looked for a way to save Spirit Force without succeeding and he lost his entire team of engineers, since according to his words, Naka was someone very powerful within SEGA at that time.

It should be noted that after his disappointment working at SEGA, Subotnick joined Microsoft and helped launch the original Xbox and Xbox 360. Now, he is working at Intel Corporation.

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