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Children Of The Corn’s Malachai Is The Most Underrated Villain In The Franchise

Children Of The Corn’s deity, “The One Who Walks Behind The Lines,” might be the franchise’s big bad, but this is why Malachai is the most underrated villain.

Here’s why Courtney Gains’ character Malachai is the The corn boys the most underrated villain in the franchise. The corn boys It started as a short story written by horror master Stephen King that was adapted into a feature film in 1984 starring Linda Hamilton and Peter Horton, which has since gained some cult following. Since then, the franchise has spawned no fewer than eight sequels (mostly direct-to-video), plus a reboot of the original movie and a prequel movie that arrived in 2021.

De Stephen King The corn boys The film follows a feuding couple named Burt (Horton) and Vicky (Hamilton) driving through rural Nebraska en route to the West Coast who find themselves stranded in the small town of Gatlin. There they find the city practically devoid of adults and controlled by a murderous cult of children led by the young preacher Isaac (John Franklin). The cult ritualistically sacrifices adults to appease a deity nicknamed “The One Who Walks Behind the Rows,” who in turn grants them a successful corn crop.

The malevolent entity that is “The One Who Walks Behind the Ranks” is the overall villain of the The corn boys series, but its youthful leaders are terrifying too, especially Isaac, whose cunning factor has yet to be met and who remains one of the franchise’s best villains. However, one The corn boys The character who doesn’t get as much recognition as a villain is the corn worshiper Malachai, who was portrayed menacingly by Courtney Gains in the original 1984 film.

Isaac could beat Malachi as the first The corn boys villain of the film, but Malachi is a worthy antagonist in his own right. As Isaac’s right hand man, he is the chief enforcer of the cult’s rules and carries out his duties with an iron fist. Consequently, Malachai is the one who the other children of the sect fear the most and it is he who they turn to to get things done. This includes when he is brought in, rather than Isaac, to deal with Burt when he stumbles upon one of their sacrificial rituals.

Malachai is not afraid to challenge Isaac’s rule in the original. The corn boys movie either. When the last remaining adult in Gatlin, mechanic Diehl (RG Armstrong), who is allowed by the cult to live in exchange for fuel, tries to convince Burt and Vicky to leave, Malachai goes against Isaac’s orders and kills without mercy. Later, Malachai leads a revolt against Isaac and has enough power and influence among the cult to convince several children to join him. He is unsuccessful, but the fact that he tries, combined with his brutality and ability to strike fear in his fellow cultists, makes Malachai Children of corn most underrated villain.

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