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Carnage is more twisted than ever in the new Marvel series

Marvel will debut a new Carnage comic series in March, and it promises to be the most twisted and hideous version of Marvel’s main serial killer.

Few characters in the Marvel Universe are more vicious and devious than the killer Butcher shop, who will star in his own comic series starting in March. Written by Ram V, who has already redefined another famous symbiote in his success. Poison series, and ilustrado by Francesco Manna, Marvel’s Butcher shop promises to show the most twisted version of the character to date.

Homicidal maniac Cletus Kasady and his alter ego Carnage debuted on the pages of Amazing spider man between 1991 and 1992. Cletus was a cannibalistic sociopath and serial killer who shared a cell on Ryker’s Island with Eddie Brock, Venom, after the latter was separated from his symbiote. Moments before Kasady stabbed Eddie in his sleep, the alien creature burst into the cell to once again fuse with its host. Unbeknownst to everyone, before being released from jail, Venom’s symbiote left a spawn that bonded with Kasady, turning him into Carnage and unleashing one of the worst horrors the Marvel Universe has ever seen.

The year 2022 will mark the 30th anniversary of the character, who has recently been noted for his role in the Columbia Pictures / Marvel Studios film. Poison: Let there be slaughter. To celebrate that milestone, Marvel will publish a one-shot anthology titled Carnage forever in February, followed by the launch of the Butcher shop serie by Ram V and Manna in March. The character has also undergone major developments in recent comics. After the events described in King in black Y Extreme carnage, Cletus is dead and no longer tied to his symbiote, which is adrift on Earth and ready to wreak havoc and suffering in its wake. According to Ram V, this is “an opportunity to do something new and inventive with the character and the kind of stories you would expect to find in a Carnage book. “

The new Butcher shop The series promises to be loaded with horror themes, as is typical of the most notorious serial killer in the Marvel Universe. “This is my kind of horror, as scary in its implications as it is on the page“Said the writer, who promised a”Devilish and terrifying carnage“One for which the Marvel Universe is not prepared. Indeed, this is a terrifying prediction, considering how much destruction Kasady brought to the Marvel world recently by unleashing the symbiote god Knull during King in black. If the recent relaunch of Poison, written by Al Ewing and Ram V, is an indication that readers can expect from Butcher shop a story faithful to the roots of the character and also innovative and suggestive.

Marvel Butcher shop # 1 It will hit stores on March 2, 2022, and promises to usher in a bloody new era for Marvel’s worst serial killer.

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