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22 games of 2022: Dying Light 2

Dying Light became one of the most popular games from the beginning of the last generation of consoles. The creators of Dead Island gave a twist to their idea by keeping the zombies, survival and the emphasis on hand-to-hand combat, but offering a very effective idea: the parkour. It will have been more than seven years since the first installment when Dying Light 2 Arrive Feb 4, 2022 for almost all systems. The sequel builds on the established, but delve into the RPG, especially in the narrative and the importance of decisions.

Two open worlds

  • Study: Techland
  • Publishing company: Deep Silver
  • Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (Cloud Version)
  • Release date: February 4, 2022

One of the characteristics is identity of Dying Light returns empowered in the sequel. We talk about how the world changes, and therefore, how we move through it and the actions we carry out, between day and night. Until the sun goes down the streets are relatively safe, although there will be no shortage groups of humans willing to kill us to take away what we carry. It will be at these times when, beyond the main and secondary missions (which in certain cases can only be completed at specific times of the day or night), Let’s explore the rooftops for resources, visit camps, etc.

During the night, most people return to their settlements while the vast numbers of Undead hiding from sunlight in buildings plague the streets. The night is dangerous not only because of the direct threat of the infected, who will be of different types, among them special zombies that will chase us with fury, but also because we will have a limited time to explore before suffering the consequences of the infection. Under the light of the moon, we will be able to travel the inside buildings to get weapons, equipment, resources or specific items that we need for the missions.

A world and a changing plot for our decisions

The most radical change in Dying Light 2 with respect to his predecessor, he promises to be in the agency of whoever takes control of alter the main story, the fate of the characters from the side quests (which are not only achieved in the settlements, they can pop up suddenly while we explore) and modify The City. To enjoy the plot it is not necessary to have played the first part: we are told about Aiden’s adventure in search of a character from his past, but along the way we will have to do many favors to different groups and factions that will help us in our goal.

In our first test of the game, dedicated to a couple of main missions, we were surprised by how well written that is and the script twists and playable that can give the orders. Some of these turns will be marked by our decisions, which can affect not just one character, but entire communities and The City itself (an example: at one point it will be necessary to choose whether to give drinking water to a faction or whether a flooded part of the city is exposed to be explored freely).

Dying Light 2 decisiones

In addition to the constant dialog options That are given in the missions there will be other decisions, such as capturing towers and power plants scattered throughout the open world. By assigning them to one or another faction the surroundings of that area will change with more defenses against zombies and bandit groups, or with elements to make movement easier (which can even unlock access to previously inaccessible places).

Parkour is everything

The City is designed cas if it were a huge level of a platform game three-dimensional. We move inside buildings, on rooftops, through streets and walls jumping, sliding, ziplining, climbing Wow, doing parkour, which makes just going from one point to another fun. The system has been improved in the sequel, where there will also be a glider to fly with, an action that will be combined with parkour.

Dying Light 2 parkour

Parkour will also play an important role in combat system. Although we will have a crossbow and other tools to get rid of enemies at a distance, the core of the confrontations is in the various melee weapons that we will find and improve. The hits and dodges will be combined with parkour, which allow us, for example, to stun an enemy and jump on him to give a great blow to another opponent, or to run down a wall to fall hard on the opponent.

Dying Light 2 carries to generating high expectations Both for fans of action and for those who like a malleable RPG. Everything points to the hype it was justified when the title was released in less than two months.

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