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Yuji Naka just developed a new game and wants you to try it | Levelup

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After the launch of the accident Balan Wonderworld In early 2021, Yuji Naka announced that he would start developing mobile games. Fortunately for all his followers, his first title is ready and waiting for you to try it.

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According to the information shared, the creator of Sonic The Hedgehog he worked alone for several months to create something new with simple gameplay and using the Unity graphics engine.

Now, the Japanese has finished his first title single-handedly for the first time in his entire career and called it SHOT2048, game now available for download in the App Store Y Google Play.

Here you can see the announcement:

“I created a hyper casual game called SHOT2048. This is the first time in my 37 years as a game maker that I, Yuji Naka, have made a game on my own. I would appreciate if you could play it and spread the word. Thank you so much, ”Naka said.

It is worth mentioning that in SHOT2048 your purpose will be to shoot the same number you have, to reach 2048. In addition, you can move your number from left to right to aim well at your target.

As you can see, this is a fairly simple game but we are sure it will help you pass the time. So we invite you to download it, since it is completely free.

What do you think of this Yuji Naka game? Tell us in the comments.

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