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Youtuber leaves his OLED switch on for 1,800 hours to see if it burns out | Levelup

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One of the surprise launches this year was the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, a version of the hybrid that includes a 7-inch screen with this technology. Because of this, a YouTuber decided to do a demanding test to see if the console resists turned on for a long period of time.

OLED technology has created a bad reputation due to reports of screens burned after a long time on, a situation that caused consumers to decide not to buy anything with these characteristics.

The OLED Switch withstood a major test

However, Nintendo chose to use it and fans of the company immediately began to worry and feel that their enormous hours of play would be putting the console in danger. But is there really a problem with the OLED Switch?

The answer is the youtuber WULFF DEN, who wanted to check the true capabilities of this model of the Switch and decided to leave it on for more than 1,800 hours to see if the new screen burned or stained.

Here you can see it:

As you could see, the user explained that after approximately 75 days, the OLED screen of his Switch did not burn, and the only hardly noticeable difference was that the white tones of his console were seen with less intensity.

It is worth mentioning that the result could vary from console to console, but what is seen in this material will undoubtedly give peace of mind to all users of the Nintendo Switch OLED.

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