Friday, July 1

Weird West featured in a new video • Console and Dashboard

Weird West it’s news again. This time, he does it for a new video, focused on simulation. It is signed by Devolver Digital and WolfEye Studios.


Under the title of Road to Weird West, WolfEye Studios Creative Director guides you through the simulation elements that will be part of the game. In a union between action and role, we will move through a Wild West out of the ordinary.

Dark fantasy has invaded everything, so law enforcement officers and gunmen now share space with fantastic creatures. Faced with this panorama, we will guide a group of heroes, on their way to being a legend. We will make decisions, influencing the ruthless territory.

As its creators remember, each trip will be unique, since it will depend on the actions taken, with the risk that it entails. It can be enjoyed alone or in company. The January 11 a PC, PS4 y Xbox One.

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