Saturday, June 25

Tinder and Spotify team up for a strange new feature

Tinder has added a new ‘Music Mode’ to the popular dating app, allowing users to highlight their favorite song for potential matches to hear.

Tinder and Spotify have partnered to offer a new music mode to the dating app. While internet and app-based dating services have been around for several years, due to the ongoing pandemic, their use has exploded in popularity over the past year and a half. This has also led to many dating apps, including Tinder, rolling out a lot of new features for users to try.

This is also not the first time that the two companies have worked together. In 2016, Spotify integrated with Tinder to launch an Anthem feature that allowed users to submit their favorite songs directly within their profiles. Of course, music and social profiles are not new in general, with MySpace, for those who remember it, a service that always liked to integrate songs with pages.

Tinder and Spotify have teamed up once again, this time to offer a new music mode as an additional personality setting to user profiles. The new feature exists within Explore and allows users to choose an Anthem that plays automatically when someone else touches the profile. Tinder says that 40 percent of all Gen Z users have added Anthems to their profiles and this has generally resulted in a 10 percent increase in matches. Music Mode will launch in the coming weeks and in all markets where Spotify is available.

A new layer of personality

In the age of social distancing and everything being remote, Music Mode is another layer that can be used to discover something about another person without having to physically meet in person. Almost everyone listens to music and has certain artists or bands that they love. All of which means that music can be an indicator of whether someone can swipe left instead of right. According to Tinder, the new mode is similar to “that feeling when you are at a party and you discover that someone else loves the same songs as you. “

Music mode is in addition to other features on the Explore tab, including Hot Takes, Vibes, and Swipe Night. Explore allows users to organize profiles by interest. For example, if music or going to bars is really important, a user may decide to organize profiles based on whether someone also loves listening to music or going out at night. With so many new features added in the last few months, there has never been a better time to offer Tinder try the dating app.

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