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Season 2 of The Witcher just debuted and the script for Season 3 is ready | Levelup

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Season 2 of The Witcher It just debuted yesterday, but that doesn’t mean Netflix is ​​already going to rest on its laurels. We say so since the production team is already working on Season 3. In fact, the script for these new chapters is already ready.

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, Executive Producer of The Witcher, talked with TechRadar on the future of the franchise on Netflix. As he assured, the week of December 3 they finished work on the writers’ room of the episodes of the third season of The Witcher.

Now, does this mean that Season 3 of The Witcher is near? Not really. As Hissrich explained, they are still working on the creative process, plus the rest of the pre-production work, shooting and editing are also missing. So there is a long time before we have more episodes of The Witcher.

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“Actually, this is our last week [3 de diciembre] in the writers room. We’re almost done with the scripting phase, and it’s amazing. I’m really excited about how the season is unfolding because it’s based on my favorite book in the series, which is The time of hate“Said the producer.

Later, Hissrich explained that the first few seasons have been preparing a lot for the future. However, fans will have to wait to find out what he means, as the creative process for Season 3 still has a long way to go to deliver the content that fans deserve.

“I feel like Seasons 1 and 2 have been paving the way for all the huge things to come. But the creative process is really just beginning. We have the scripts, and now we’re bringing in the directors, the actors, and we’re going to start digging. and to reflect and to make sure it is the perfect season. “

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