Thursday, July 7

Remnant: From the Ashes, available for free download • Console and Dashboard

Remnant: From the Ashes is the new free game from Epic Games Store. One more Christmas, the company will continue to give away PC games. Specifically, one a day.


Those who have not missed an Epic promotion will see how Remnant: From the Ashes It is already registered in your library, since it is not the first time it has been given away. Those who do not have it, can get it until this afternoon, at five. It is enough to locate it and complete the purchase, for zero euros, to keep it forever.

We are facing a proposal from Gunfire Games and Perfect World Entertainment, which launches us into a world absorbed by chaos. Our task, as a survivor, will be to face the evil forces from another dimension, arriving in the form of hordes of enemies. Recovering and rebuilding everything humanity thought was lost can be attempted alone or in the company of three other players.

This afternoon at five, another game will be available for free download. At the moment, the title is not known. Epic accompanies these gifts with a coupon of 10 euros and a 75% discount on some of its games and accessories. It’s part of your Christmas celebration, attracting new players and keeping the ones you already have.

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