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Raiola’s perfect strategy with Erling Haaland for his departure from Borussia Dortmund

The 2022 winter market opening is approaching and once again Mino Raiola once again captures the attention of the football world. Their portfolio is brimming with attractive players as a result of their moves and decisions, using the example of Erling Haaland and the management that he has been doing since he left the Molde, at the head.

On saturday afternoon Michael Zorc, sports director of Borussia Dortmund, I recognized what MARCA has been counting for months and that refers to the exit door that Haaland has open and that you can run immediately. The main condition has already been fulfilled and it was none other than that of spend two years in the German club.

The CEO of the German team Aki Watzke has confirmed the interest of the greats. “Many teams want Haaland, especially Real Madrid, I trust him to stay“.

Many teams want Haaland, especially Real Madrid, I trust him to stay

Aki Watzke, CEO del Borussia

Now you wonder why the Borussia Dortmund accepts an exit option when signing a player. Very simple, take it or leave it. When Haaland excelled at Red Bull Salzburg, many teams sought the signing. 20 million was the price for a 19-year-old promise who had played in Norway and Austria.

Raiola, in agreement with the father and the player himself, they searched, recognizing that it is the power ofl Borussia Dortmund, an intermediate step, a team that he could play for and that is used to selling players. In return they agreed on certain conditions, such as a possible exit after the two years and with a price in relation to the 20 million paid on that day. Said and done.

In the last few months, Raiola has interviewed ten of the greats of Europe. Everyone knows their conditions and it is time to choose. From Dortmund they offer you a new contract because they know what they have, what they can get (it does not reach a hundred million) and that the Norwegian could be their financial and sporting guarantee for the future, but with another contract. Offers have been rejected.

Raiola and the player’s father know that they have everything on their side and that is why they believe that the time has come to listen to everyone and demand, but not on a whimoys for a well thought out and better executed tactic, which has had the endorsement of 76 goals from Haaland.

Mino Raiola has a portfolio close to one hundred footballers and some other coach. He is president of one of the agent associations and tHe has an open war with FIFA over the new transfer regulations and the cut of commissions. Press and fans question his methods and speak of inflated commission figures to accumulate arguments against him. but reality says not to be so evil when players are barely missing and therefore teams come to him.

In their payroll they appear Pogba (the agent paid out of pocket for his departure from Manchester United to Juventus when he was 19, hence the special conditions on his return), Donnarumma, De Ligt, Ibrahimovic, Verrati, Vrij, Kean, Mallen, Gravenberch, Thuram, Aerola, Manolas, Kluivert… tan malo no ser.

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