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Not one of Apple’s most important executives can find an Xbox Series X | Levelup

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The next generation consoles are a total success. The exaggeratedly high demand, as well as the shortage of components has caused a storm in which finding a console is practically impossible. This is a situation that all mortals experience, but also the biggest names in the world of technology.

This may be hard to believe, but Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of services, wants to buy an Xbox Series X, and despite his money and connections, he has been unable to do so. Of course you do not plan to run out of the console for this Christmas and that is why you already took action on the matter.

As reported The VergeOn the afternoon of Monday, December 13, Cue started following XboxStockAlerts. It is a Twitter account that is dedicated to informing when there are available units of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in any store in the United States.

What will be the reason why Cue will have followed this account? The executive has not disclosed his motives. Chances are, you’re looking for an Xbox Series X to give away at Christmas or to indulge in this time of year-end. We also can’t rule out that you did it to find out how severe the console shortage is, but we imagine you have better sources for that data.

In case you are in the same situation as Eddy Cue. We remind you that at LEVEL UP we want to help you find your Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. That is why we recommend follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram The Discord so you know when both consoles are available in Mexico. Keep in mind that this is also the home of the #LevelUpfertas so you can save on your video game and technology purchases.

And you, do you already have the Xbox Series X that you wanted to buy for Christmas? Was it difficult to find Microsoft’s next-generation console? Tell us in the comments.

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