Tuesday, July 5

Nintendo is gearing up for a really good 2022, according to Peer Schneider

Nintendo is going to have a scandal in 2022 for us, because it will be the moment when we can sink our teeth once and for all into the third installment of Bayonetta. Although, of course, there will be more surprises and many other games the company is working on. See the lack of Nintendo works in the last issue of The Game Awards it concerned quite a lot of a generous part of the sector. Nevertheless, Peer Schneider, IGN’s chief content officer, has confirmed that there is really nothing to worry about.

In the last IGN Games Schneider spoke about the approach Nintendo is taking in 2022. “It looks like Nintendo is going to have a pretty good year next year,” he said. “I wouldn’t take the absence of big things at The Game Awards as a sign that maybe Breath of the Wild It’s late or they don’t have other things, because it seems like the folks at Nintendo are really excited about 2022. “

Nintendo is booking

In other words, even though Nintendo isn’t giving out too much information on some of its biggest games, like the sequel to Breath of the Wild, for example, that doesn’t mean there is bad news waiting to be released, such as delays or delays. things like that (which could be, of course, that you always have to have on the table).

Schneider simply explains that it’s okay if the company hasn’t poked its head in too much at The Game Awards, because 2022 has several titles in the spotlight right now which will certainly be real bombshells. What Splatoon 3, Bayonetta 3 (which we have already mentioned), Leyendas Pokmon: Arceus o esa esperada secuela de The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

You just have to be a little patient and let Nintendo do its magic little by little. Some of their surprise events may be the final one and in which the precise release dates of some of those video games are revealed. Or maybe not, who knows.


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