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Jabra launches the Evolve2 75, headphones equipped for (tele) work

Jabra has announced the launch of the latest model in its range of business headphones, the Evolve2 75, a device that aims to meet the needs of workers who carry out their working hours in a flexible way (at home and at the office), thus configuring a solution that is on the way, again given the evolution of the pandemic, of helping us all. In this scenario, the new headphones bring features that boost sound quality, to deliver crystal-clear calls and quality music in all kinds of environments.

Jabra has designed an ergonomic fit to achieve this device versatility, reinventing the double synthetic leather cushion design, which improves ventilation and reduces pressure on the ears. In turn, this optimizes the curvature and padding of the headband so they stay securely in place. In the process of redesigning the pad, the firm made a discovery known as Dual Foam Technology (Dual Foam Technology): By combining hard memory foam on the outside of the pad with soft foam on the inside, a comfortable headset is achieved, providing better passive and active noise cancellation.

Outstanding features

They are the first headphones in the Evolve range to feature the adjustable Jabra Advanced Active Noise CancellationTM (ANC) system, so you can choose how much – or how little – you hear from your surroundings. The HearThrough button allows you to listen to outside sounds if necessary and without removing the headphones. With settings like MySound (from the Sound + mobile app), music optimization for personalized hearing profiles, and equalizer adjustment (available through the Sound + app and Jabra Direct on PC), the Evolve2 75 are well suited to different user types.

Design and performance

The microphone boom, with mute and auto-response function, is 33% shorter than the previous design on the Evolve 75, making it

It provides greater flexibility and improves sound. Designed to meet Microsoft’s Open Office requirements, when the arm

the microphone is lowered in Performance mode, ambient sound from indoor areas is cut off. For informal calls on the go, or just listening to music, the microphone folds down to return to discreet mode.

Present technologies

8-microphone technology works with the triple algorithm chipset Jabra that distinguishes between speech and ambient noise in a

Accurate, so calls have clear sound. They also include a Busylight with 360º field of view for when

total concentration is required. Lastly, Jabra has optimized them to be able to connect to all major unified communications platforms. The powerful 30 meter wireless range and dual connectivity to computers and mobile devices give the Evolve2 75 additional flexibility, freeing you to walk and talk without compromising call quality.

Thanks to the battery life and the new fast charging functionalities, the performance of these headphones is very remarkable.


They provide 26% more noise cancellation than the Evolve 75 thanks to adjustable Jabra Advanced ANC, a dedicated chipset, and new Dual Foam Technology.

It integrates premium Open Office microphones with a concealed boom and 33% shorter than the Evolve 75.

8-microphone technology for optimal quality calls.

Good audio level with the microphone boom retracted in discreet mode, or when fully lowered in standby mode.


Certified for the main Unified Communications (UC) platforms.

Wireless range of up to 30 meters.

Pair two devices with dual connectivity.

Specific button for Microsoft Teams (in the MS Teams variant).,

Busylight 360 ° integrated.

Up to 36 hours of music and 25 hours of talk time (without ANC or Busylight ) and 33% more talk time than Evolve75.

Powerful music with 40mm speakers and AAC codecs.

Device management with Jabra Direct and Xpress

Personalization with Jabra Sound + and Jabra Direct

Quick pairing with Google for Android.

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The Jabra Evolve2 75 headphones are available for 329 euros.

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