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Genshin Impact is the best build in Arataki Itto – the best weapons and artifact sets

Arataki Itto is finally available in Impacto de Genshin! For those lucky enough to have pulled the leader of the Arataki gang off the Oni Royale banner, they’re probably excited to decorate them with the best possible weapons and artifacts.

To help you achieve this, we have created this guide to walk you through the best options you have when looking for equipment for Itto. We will also list the options for free players who don’t have the time or money to get the best items, as well as the best team composition that allows Arataki Itto to shine.

Genshin Impact Arataki Itto build – ¿ Arataki Itto es DPS?

Absolutely! With a move set that naturally provides blunt charged attacks and geo damage increases, Arataki Itto is a fantastic primary dps for a geo team. As a five-star character, they are difficult to obtain, but if you do, you will have your geo team’s star in the palm of your hands.

Arataki Itto is all about joining powerful attack chains and hitting enemies with constant damage. To get the most out of Itto, you’ll want to pair him with the right support characters so that when he’s ready to fight, the damage he deals is as high as possible.

Genshin Impact Best Arataki Itto Compilation

With Arataki Itto, you really want to find artifacts with Critical damage Y Critical opportunity stats, as they work well for its role as primary DPS. Since it’s best when using lazy-charge attacks, you want each of these attacks to be critical if possible, and hit very hard.

Genshin Impact Arataki Itto – mejor arma

Redhorn Stonethreader It’s a five-star Claymore basically built to be perfect for Arataki Itto. By default, it increases defense by 28%, but also increases the DMG of normal and charged attack by 40% of your character’s defense.

As an alternative, Snake Shrine It is a fantastic great sword that can be won through the game’s battle pass if you have progressed enough. Every 4 seconds a character is on the field, your character will deal 6% more damage and take 3% more damage. This effect has a maximum of 5 stacks and will not reset if the character leaves the field, but will be reduced by 1 stack when the character takes damage.

Genshin Impact Arataki Itto – best artifact set

The Shell of opulent dreams The Artifact Set, acquired through the domain of the Sleeping Court on Seirai Island, is the perfect set for Arataki Itto. This is what it does:

  • 2 pieces: DEF + 30%
  • 4 pieces – When on the field, the character gains 1 curiosity stack after hitting an opponent with a Geo attack. When off the field, the character gains 1 stack every 3 seconds. Curiosity can stack up to 4 times, each providing a 6% DEF and a 6% Geo DMG bonus. When 6 seconds pass without gaining a curiosity stack, 1 stack is lost.

As a main dps character that drops tons of geo damage, as well as an ultimate ability that modifies Itto’s attacks to deal additional geo damage, this lines up perfectly with her move set.

As an alternative for those who don’t want to grind Husk of Opulent Dreams, Gladiator’s End it is a good replacement. This is what it does:

  • 2 pieces: ATK + 18%
  • 4 pieces: If the bearer of this artifact set uses a Sword, Claymore or Pole Weapon, increase their Normal Attack DAMAGE by 35%

Note that Itto wants to use heavy attacks more than normal attacks, but if you agree with not being super optimal, this is a good set of placeholder artifacts, at least until you win the Shell of Dreams opulent.

Genshin Impact Best Free Arataki Itto Compilation

For those who may not be too advanced in the story, or just like to play Genshin Impact at a more relaxed pace, we have recommendations for a free build for our favorite gang leader.

For the weapon, create a White blind claymore of the blacksmith. All you need for this is Northlander Claymore bilet, shards of glass, and shards of white iron. This weapon on hit, normal or charged attacks increase ATK and DEF by 6% for 6 seconds. Max 4 stacks., So naturally it works well with Itto.

As for the artifacts, try to target the Sojourner resolution four-piece artifact, filling the other two slots with Martial artist or berserker artifacts for its two-piece bonuses. Remember that critical damage and critical rate are the two most important stats you want from your artifacts, so don’t pump too much on anything unless you see those present.

Genshin Impact Best Arataki Itto Compilation – Best Arataki Itto Team Competition

With Arataki Itto you will want to pair it with Gorou – the four-star character of the same banner – which you will probably already have if you’ve been lucky enough to pull Itto. They are a great support character for Itto, increasing geographic damage and providing defensive stats. Having it will also provide geoelemental resonance.

Albedo he’s a great third character to take on as they provide a great additional source of geo damage while also generating geoelemental energy that Itto can use. In the fourth slot, you’ll want a character who can focus on generating power in Itto’s downtime. Baal is great for this if you are lucky enough to own them, but feel free to add any drummer characters you like, like Bennet The Fischl.

That concludes our Arataki Itto build! If you are looking for more builds we have plenty for you to check out such as our Thoma build, Yoyima build, and alloy build.

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