Tuesday, July 5

Final Fantasy VII Remake performance on PC ‘is a disaster’ for some experts

Final Fantasy VII Remake It has not stopped growing and expanding since it was launched. Yes, it is true that it took a little longer to reach Sony consoles (first) but in the end the wait is worth it, with a Square Enix delivering a wonderful work that excited both fans of the original work from the 1990s and new audiences who were hooked on the history of Cloud and company for the first time.

However, with the version of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade released on PC it seems that gamers have not been as happy. Moving video games from console to PC does not always go well, and here Square Enix has skidded for a large part of the community who have posted on social networks some of the performance problems that the game is having. The only “problem” is that the players who are complaining are some big-name media like Digital Foundry, What Alexander Battaglia.

Bad boot for PC version

“By the way, as far as I know, RTSS doesn’t seem to detect frame rate issues in FFVIIR. It tells you that the game is running at 60 when it sure isn’t. PresentMon doesn’t reflect what’s on the screen. I saw this before in The Medium at launch and No Man’s Sky OGL. ”

He has also been joined John Linneman, which we can also read to you at Digital Foundry and at Eurogamer. Linneman has corroborated what Battaglia comments:

“Alert: Alex submitted his clips for us to review and, yes, the FFVIIR PC port is terrible. I captured this using an RTX3090 + 10900k at only 1080p and it’s a disaster. Fluency is critical to your storytelling and storytelling. this version commits it. “

What actions Square Enix will take and how to fix performance issues remains to be seen. Meanwhile, you can read our impressions on Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PC right here.


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