Wednesday, July 6

Final Fantasy VII Remake Could Come To Steam, According To PC Version Files

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade has started on the wrong foot its time on PC, since some experts and professionals have determined that the Square Enix video game has significant performance problems that affect the work itself, and that for a title of this caliber is fatal. For now it is only available through the Epic Games Store, but it seems that that will change very soon, or at least that is what the Twitter user points out. AtelierTool.

This same claims to have found in the files of the game for PC a Steam AppID, something essential that all Valve video games have inside. Apparently, it was also created in October 2020, months after the official launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4, so that could mean this has been cooking for a long time behind the scenes.

On Steam after Epic Exclusivity?

“I can confirm that Final Fantasy VII Remake is scheduled to hit Steam after the Epic Games exclusive contract ends. The AppID of the game used for devtest is 1462040. The application was created in October 2020, 6 months after launch in PS4 “.

So if we believe the user and the evidence under his arm, it is clear that Final Fantasy VII Remake arrive sometime on Steam, still no date or official confirmation. Hopefully, yes, that by the time it is deployed on the Valve platform it will do so with its performance problems polished.

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