Sunday, June 26

Featured Roland, from Triangle Strategy • Console and Dashboard

Triangle Strategy is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 4. So that we do not forget this adventure, in the middle of the Christmas plans, Nintendo shares a new video. It is dedicated to his character Roland.


«In this world there is no one who wants to hurt others just for the sake of it. However, there are people injured and subjected to floods. This is how the new 3 and a half minute trailer starts. It presents us with a world in which the weak constitute the sustenance of the strong.

It doesn’t take long for the second prince to appear Roland of Glaucoburg. As a member of the royal family, you will have before your eyes a territory mired in a war, but also its ideals. Clinging to his convictions, he must make an important decision: dispense justice or follow the path of the dishonest.

The choice will influence the fate of the kingdom. Alliances, smuggling and fighting the enemy will be part of the tactical RPG adventure, which bears the hallmark of Square Enix. To a careful narration, some two-dimensional graphics will be added.

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